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Napoleonic & Great War Forays | 2009-03-25 23:29:31

I added some pictures of Napoleonic figures - some Victrix British Peninsular infantry http://www.displacedminiatures.com/Hachimantaro/gallery/2864/ & Napoleon & his staff http://www.displacedminiatures.com/Hachimantaro/gallery/2834/

I hope to finish up some Old Glory WWI French & Germans soon.

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New Projects | 2008-12-26 19:15:48

Finished a 3,000 point Hundred Years War French Army for WAB. I have some OG & 1st Corps Greek Hoplites to do next.  They can be allies or mercenaries for my Macedonian army or by themselves to fight Persians or each other.  Other projects for 2009: WWI French & German Trench Fighters; Napoleonics; Ancient Naval; terrain projects; etc. etc.

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New Images in the \"New\" Site | 2008-10-06 20:58:03

Okay - thanks to Buddy for helping me get logged in again (operator headspace - me), I\'ve managed to post pics of my Norman WAB army in 28mm.  This new format is simpler, but I\'m still getting the hang of it.  I see we can add larger file images (over twice the size?) .  I\'ve kept it at the same size as before - no need to take up more space than necessary.  Long Live the new Displaced Minis Site!

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Re-Direct on Future WAB Army | 2008-07-20 18:37:39
 Guess the HYW French WAB army is going to be put on hold. Per discussion with the local WAB gaming folks, looks like I'm going to start a Norman army for Shieldwall - possibly use it for Crusades & El Cid too. Most of the local WAB-enthusiasts already have armies for these supplements, so I was "encouraged" to build one too while I await them finishing up their respective Carthaginian & Republican Romans armies - I already finished my Macedonian-Successor army. Actually, I had intended to build a Norman army around the time I started on my Mycenaean WAB army a couple of years ago.
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Hundred Years War French Army - WIP | 2008-07-20 18:36:56

No sooner had I finished the last unit of a basic Macedonian/Successor WAB army (Pyrrhus' Epirote Italian Invasion army) - that I'm now working on a HYW French WAB army.  Only one unit so far - Old Glory/Revenge dismounted knights - since this army will be cavalry points-heavy, this is fine.  Currently working on a Jeanne d'Arc set from Perry Miniatures.

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