Ivan's 15mm Space Hulk and DBA
New Pics added to 15mm Genestealer Gallery. | 2007-03-31 04:20:26

3103007.M3.  Warp travel is ever treacherous, and it seems that more than two Standard Terran years have passed since the last update.

I've just added a couple pictures to show one of my latest acquisitions, one out of a set of four Epic scale Tyranid Carnifexes.  There is an earlier version of these that is larger, and that might work as a 15mm scale Carnifex.  However, the ones I picked up are a later version that are smaller, roughly the same size as my 15mm Genestealers and Marines.  I haven't decided yet what stats to use.  The simplest thing would be to just use them as an alternative model for a basic Genestealer.  I'd prefer to give them some slightly different rules though.  My thinking is that they should be slightly worse than a Genestealer in one area, but slightly better in another, so that their over-all effectiveness is similar to that of the regular Genestealers'.  If anyone has any ideas, please post them!

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New Pics and Links added. | 2005-02-10 19:26:38
 Imperial Date 1002005.M3. I've added two of my favorite Space Hulk links, 'Necron Hulk' and 'Expanding the Hulk.' I've added 6 new War Elephant pictures, and 5 Medieval pictures of knights and archers.
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New Space Hulk Pics Added! | 2005-02-06 04:13:25
 February 5, 2005 (or in Space Hulk style, 0502005.M3.) I've added 13 new Space Hulk pictures. The SH photos have also been divided into two galleries; one for Space Marines, the other for Genestealers.
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Site created! | 2005-02-02 18:14:23
 To start things off, I have posted 4 links, 6 Space Hulk pics, and 2 DBA pics.
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