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Long Time without an update - 15mm fantasy | 2009-02-02 19:39:41

Wow, it's been a long time since I updated my site.  I have just added some 15mm fantasy.  I will be adding a lot more in the days ahead, so keep an eye on this site!

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Several New Updates | 2006-05-30 21:34:36
 I just added new pics to LOTR and 20mm.  Soon I will be adding some pics to my 10/12mm gallery.  The pics added were some Marines, a couple tanks and a couple new AB pics.  Fr LOTR there were a few new pics added.
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More 20mm added | 2006-02-28 18:49:00
 I added some more 20mm today.  Marines from FAA.  They are painted, but still have to be based.  I think that I will base with sand, but put a couple of clumps of grass on.  That way, they can be used almost anywhere in the Pacific.
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20MM Pics added | 2005-10-09 19:29:12
 I finally added a few pics of some 20mm.  These are some of my Sentry Models buildings, and a few AB Figures.
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New Pics Added | 2005-08-05 21:53:37

I have added a couple of new pics under my LOTR area.  I have put comparison shots of Mithril and GW's dwarves and Rangers of Gondorl

I have also redesigned the site. 

Soon I will be adding some more pics of my 20mm stuff.

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