Australian Napoleonic Kriegspielers
Australian Napoleonic Congress 2007 | 2007-09-06 01:08:41

A great time was had by those members who attended this year we had a total of 420 walk throughs mostly general public, on saturday we had four napoleonic games running and on sunday just two, we were a little disappointed that other clubs did't join us this year but I think our choice of the fathers day weekend was a poor one, some re-enactors also put on a display. The dinner on the saturday night was excellent with about 110 guests. cheers Matt

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Welcome ! | 2005-09-01 17:58:06

Hi All,

This site is dedicated to players of "In the Grand Manner" and "General de Brigade" rulesets. Its primarily to show off figures and battles along with a few scenarios, the folders are broken up into actual battles with the figure owners and painters mentioned. At some stage we will have members folders with painted figures etc. Some folders will be dedicated to campaigns and scenarios also.



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