1 February 2007 | 2007-02-01 14:56:51

So far so good.  I have managed to keep to the pledge I set myself at the beginning of the year.

The painting totals for January were:

20 Foundry 28mm  Mexicans/French Foreign Legion.

11 Foundry 28mm Chinese Pirates ( Useable as pirates, a LOTOW chinese posse or Pulp bad guys).

1 Foundry 28mm Street Violence Boss.

1 Copplestone 28mm Future Wars Trooper.

That totals 33 miniatures which just about keeps me on target.  However I also based a bunch of figures I painted over Christmas and bought, painted and based 50 15mm Terminator robots for my Alien Squad Leader Mechanoid army. I have another 10 28mm figures part painted so hopefully February will be a good month too.


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15 January 2007 | 2007-01-15 15:29:13

The start of another year.

Unfortunately the real world took over a bit in the latter half of last year.  This meant I added very little content to my pages.  I hope to change that this year!

There's loads of miniatures, buildings and terrain that I have built, painted etc in the past  that needs photographing and adding to the site.  I intend to try and catch up on the backlog.

For the coming year I also intend to get alot more painting done this year in a vain attempt to reduce the mountain of unpainted miniatures I keep adding to.  Therefore, I am setting myself a target of painting the equivalent of one 25/28mm or bigger miniature per day. (I may be very busy come New Years eve!)

That means by 2008 I should have completed at least 365. This might not seem very impressive to some, but it will exceed my painting total for the past 2+ years. I also have smaller scale (mostly 15mm) miniatures to paint but dont intend to include these in the target. I will attempt to keep track of all I paint for the year, posting (as a minimum) the total for each month.

I suppose I had better go and start painting instead of rambling on here.....

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14 May 2006 | 2006-05-14 17:55:47
 A gallery of my Roadwar post-apocalypse game has been added. Only a handful of pics so far, but more to come.
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8 January 2006 | 2006-04-30 17:30:53

I have now added galleries for two dioramas: WW1 Trench Scene and Pirate Gundeck.

Also an album of Horror miniatures including zombies, zombie cowboys, etc....

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4 January 2006 | 2006-04-30 17:18:56

After  some experimentation with a new digital camera and assorted backgrounds and lighting I have finally achieved a look to my pictures that I like. Hopefully I can reproduce it for many more of my miniatures.

I have uploaded some images to the Darkest Africa gallery already and hope to update the existing galleries and add new ones in the near future.

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