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Long time, no see | 2014-06-15 06:06:39
 Wow! It's been a long time since I did any mini photography. Some new ones added to Reaper and Fantasy galleries.
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Some more horses | 2012-04-21 09:59:00

Being a bit slack about photographing miniatures of late, so I've put up a few more horses - the Animals (horses) and Fantasy galleries. The Aspen ones are nice sculpts, but come without any sort of base. Individual hooves are a bit tricky to glue and fix to a base. I'd had a few accidents where they've come off part way through painting!

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More horses and riders | 2011-10-02 12:27:37

Been doing GW minis of late, largely because I wanted to do more horses. I've done a unit of Riders of Rohan, all on appaloosas (which I'm sure isn't canon, but who cares?). The GW wood elf glade riders are complete, and I have some Wild Riders undercoated and awaiting the spare time to get them painted. A high elf archmage on horseback has also gone into the Fantasy galley.

One of the Rohan horses is allegedly in the Animals Horses gallery, but although it is on the DM homepage, I can't see it in the gallery yet...

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A few more images added to the galleries | 2010-04-17 09:32:59

I've been lacking inspiration, inclination and time on the painting front of late, but had managed to accumulate a fair sized queue of miniatures awaiting photographs. So I finally got around to taking snaps and uploading them.  Well, at least those that would upload. I've tried 3 times for some of them. Every time they say they save successfully. Every time they just aren't there!  Grrrr. Sometimes computers are more effort than they are worth.

Anyway, there is another size comparison in the Horses gallery, a few more Reaper minis, and a nice collection of ladies-in-waiting from Steve Barber Models. Comments appreciated as always.

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Foals, leopard and nekkid guy... oh my! | 2008-05-31 07:24:43

Added lots more images to the Sculpts gallery - mainly of some 25mm/28mm foals I've just sculpted. The completed leopard is also there, and a semi-naked man (with tastefully placed towel). I think I need more practice at leopards...

And for anyone interested in how Breyer's Mini Whinnies (plastic horses) compare in size to wargaming steeds, there is a size comparison in the Animals Horses gallery.  One of the horses is a Gamezone one (gobsmackingly lovely sculpt!!!) which are allegedly 28mm, but both rider and horse seem more like 32mm to me.

And finally, a few new mounted Apache in the Wild West gallery.

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